Winning Is Team Effort, You Cannot Do It Alone!

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Last week with my husband and I have had a phenomenal victory. It has taken a lot of planning. It has taken a team, and it has taken Faith and prayer.

Planning has been a key in our success, too often people try to achieve something without a plan. Without a plan you can lose track of all your tasks, your thoughts, your ideas, your delegation and responsibilities. Take care example of a mother of four, getting the children ready for school. There has to be a plan, a routine that has to be adhered to if they are to leave the home on time with the children dressed and have eaten breakfast, and all the other bits and pieces that go around that like making sure they have their school homework, or their PE kit, or any letters that have to be returned to school, along with brushing their teeth, come in their hair, spreading their bed, and picking up their packed lunch. As the mother shouts instructions and takes off her list of what needs to be done in her head sometimes, mostly, to ensure that each child follows a proven and timely system of when they first wake up in the morning. Now if you're the kind of mother that I was, I made sure that most things were prepared the night before. Their school uniform was laid out, along with clean underwear, this was their task before they went to bed. All homework was completed, checked by me, before being put into their school bag for the next day. PE kit was also added to their school bag by them. Then in the morning, after waking up, it was down for breakfast, back upstairs to brush teeth and wash face and comb hair and put on school clothes, then downstairs to put on shoes grab the bag and out the door. This was a well rehearsed plan and one which everybody knew what they had to do. It didn't always go smoothly, and I said mate there are times I was rushed and wasn't able to do the final checking of the bags to make sure everything was in them, or I had forgotten to hand the PE kit over when dropping them off and only realising when I got to work, then having to drive back to the school and drop it off to the secretary for my child. I guess some of you can relate. But, in all of this chaos seemingly in the morning there was a routine and a plan.

Councillor Colette Dennis & Councillor Glenn Dennis Reading Borough Council

Planning is important if you want to keep track of where we are, and where we need to be. We need to also make sure we look at our plans regularly, keep ourselves accountable as to the tasks at hand. With a good plan, you can see you in the goal is in sight, or where you are going off track, and what you need to do to bring yourself back on track.

Winning is a team effort, there are many different people in the team, there are many different roles of team members to play in order for everyone to be successful. To have a winning team is to recognise the strengths of each member, and to utilise them accordingly. We must remember we cannot do things on our own, we do have to rely on others to support, to keep us accountable, and to push us when we are tired.

so our victory, we are both honoured and humbled to have been selected in our respective ward to be the voice of our residents and to represent them in the Council. I give all the praises to the Creator, because without Him I would not be where I am today. So far everything in my life is aligning to be a voice in the community, I never imagined that it would have happened in this way or at this time in my life. I give all the praise to the Creator, the Most HIgh for where we are today. Thank you to the residents who had faith and voted for us to be the voice of change.

You can follow Cllr Glen Dennis on facebook @glenn4kentwood

You can follow Cllr Colette Dennis on facebook @colettednorcot

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