Why You Should Have A Blog If You Are In Business

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If you have an online business then it is essential you also have a blog.

Just a few years back blogging was seen as geeky, not now.

bloggingBlogging can become a serious money making tool. In some ways it's better than a shop front.

With a blog you can define your niche and build on it.

You can have your blog as your shop front.

You can promote sales, competitions and let customers know what is happening in your business. More importantly you can generate leads!

Leads = List= Freedom = Money

Many business people, especially those offline, do not see the benefits of blogging, and maybe it's time to take a step back and look at how you can generate new customers using a blog.

More and more people are heading online, event if only to check if products are available at stores etc. so this is a great reason to set up a blog.

As you know by guest posting you are putting your blog posts to another audience which will serve to increase your audience and your list. We all want to increase our reach out there in the world wide web.

Look for other marketers in your niche and ask to do guest posts.

Marketing through blogging is another thing entirely and if you don't have a marketing strategy you may need to be looking at writing to no one!

Blogging helps you to build rapport with customers, and also builds creditability for you also, particularly if you have lots of shares and comments.

You can blog about anything, take examples from around you, thing syou are passionate about, your kids, your experiences, from lessons learned that day or lessons from life itself.

If you market your blog correctly you can earn money from it.

You can earn money advertising space on your blog, if it is a niche area and if you have a high number of visitors each day or month.

You can market your affiliate products on your blog and get additional income.

If you already have a blog you may want to look through getting this reviewed. There are a number of sites that can review your blog and give you a report on how versatile it is for SEO, how you could improve your blog speed, or blog visitors. It is worthwhile the investment if your blog is your key method for generating your online business.
If you want to know how you can generate more income from your blog, why not learn from the man who has made millions of dollars from his own blog. Ray Higdon has taught me some great tips and marketing strategies on how to generate leads, interest into your business and income. You can look at the same programme I did with Ray here

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