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If you were to ask my friends and family WHAT DRIVES ME CRAZY?,

They would probably give you quite a few things, like ‘hates swearing’, or ‘lazy people, not listening’ or even worms! More on this later.

So here is what drives me absolutely crazy ‘ when someone takes too long to get to the point when telling you something.’

It wasn’t until I read a book on Colour Personalities by ‘Big Al’ Tom Shreiter it clicked.

You see, there are different types of colours associated with different personality types.  See if you can find your colour  - and guess mine?

BLUE’s likes to party, socialise, loves talking to people, people person. They’re a natural promoter, they never listen, they’re too busy talking.

GREEN’s are data driven, analytical, slow decision maker. Will do due diligence to the nth degree. They’re interested in stats, compliance, dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s.

YELLOW’s love to help people, very empathic, think of Mother Teresa. They’re indecisive, will carry out instructions but not ilicit them. 

RED’s are financially driven, very strategic and fast paced thinker, loves competition, recognition. Natural leaders, results driven.

Can you associate what drives you crazy with your colour personality? 

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