Tips to Reclaim Your Power

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You can reclaim your power and get your life back on track when you learn how to stop resisting change. Our resistance to real change makes it so much harder to achieve. After all, if we didn’t resist so much, would it be quite so hard?

It's true that resistance to change can often hinder our progress and make it difficult to achieve the changes we desire in our lives. iBy acknowledging and understanding our resistance, we can take steps to overcome it and reclaim our power.

Here are some simple steps that I have used to help me to empower myself and others. I hope you find this useful.

  1. Identify a change you've been trying to make but have struggled with. It could be a habit, a mindset, a behavior, or any other aspect of your life that you've wanted to change.
  2. Find a quiet and undisturbed space where you can reflect for five to ten minutes. Close your eyes and imagine a scenario where there is absolutely no resistance to this change. Allow yourself to fully embrace this possibility and envision what it would be like to have no obstacles or barriers in your path. Imagine the actions you would take and how it would feel to experience this change effortlessly.
  3. After the visualization exercise, take a moment to reflect on what you noticed. What insights did you gain about yourself and your resistance? Did you uncover any excuses or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back? Consider how you can apply these realizations to shift your approach and take actions that will support the change you desire.

By recognizing that it is yourself, not external forces, that have been resisting the change, you take a significant step towards reclaiming your power. Understanding how you've been resisting, why you've been resisting, and shifting your approach empowers you to make progress and embrace the changes you need.

Remember, change can be challenging, and it's okay to encounter obstacles along the way. But by acknowledging your resistance and using your power to support yourself rather than work against yourself, you can start to make positive strides towards the changes you seek.

Knowing hat it is yourself doing the resisting (as opposed to fighting some external force) is a giant step to claiming your power in terms of:

- Knowing how you are resisting this change.

- Discovering why you had resisted it.

- Shifting your approach to take the actions and enjoy this change you need.

Acknowledge the use of your own power to resist change means rather than using your power against yourself, you can begin to use it for yourself.

Colette Dennis - The Soul Diva
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