Prostrate Enlargement

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Prostate Enlargement

I was diagnosed of Prostate enlargement about 2016.

I was referred to National Hospital, Abuja, as I am based there! I was visiting every quarter since! An uncle drew my attention to Seedbased nutrition about May this year! Because of the cost, I was discouraged. My wife encouraged me to try it because if I die, someone else will be enjoying the little money I am protecting! I obliged!

I was advised to use 2-2-2 sachets a day by my uncle. I finished a box in just 5 days! My first experience was that I had a total change in my body system, Lost about 4kg in 5days, all joint pains and back ache disappeared, I felt like running when I went out for exercise! Sincerely that’s was what dragged me to join as a partner. Since I attend clinic every 3month, I asked for psa test! When the result came out my psa came down from 2.15 to 1.92 or thereabout! My frequency to the toilet in the night dropped from about 3-4 times to 1-2 times!

These testimonials are real testimonials of partners snd customers.

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