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What is Repurpose Your Life Skills About?

I am so excited to announce my online self help course Repurpose Your Life Skills, as it will help me reach out to more of you, and I am hoping to impact many many lives.

The course was developed because of the experiences I went through in life to try and find my purpose.
I had learnt so much on my journey after my separation from my husband, being a single parent, single bill paying household. I left home from an early age just fell into the trap of being girlfriend, wife, mother. Not really knowing who was the realy me, Colette. Until then I never considered the need to find out about my purposae in life.

So the break up lead to a breakthrough!

Colette Morris

It enabled me to find myself and my purpose in life that I wanted to share the knowledge and the information I had found along the way, because I knew it would help many many more in a similar situation to myself.

Repurpose Your Life Skills Course

It never really occurred to me to share this as an online course until being in lockdown. It gave me time to think, it slowed life down, and it also enhanced my creativity.

The course itself was tested on willing candidates over 6 weeks during lockdown to validate its effectiveness, and also for me to generate and create materials to go with it.

Who is this course for?

The Repurpose your lifeskills course is for anyone who is going through uncertainty in their life, who feels stuck, who has fear of failure, starting a business, or who want to find their purpose or meaning in life.

The course is a delivery of videos, audios and worksheets that you go through over a period of 6 weeks or in your own time.

Within the first week of doing this course, one of the candidates experienced an insight that had effected her physically and emotionally. She explained she had never experienced anything like this before. And that she had had coaching before. This for me was very encouraging indeed.

What you will experience

By the end of the course, my clients had been experience in breakthroughs, insights, ideas that would help them to now go forward and build their business, improve areas in their relationships, business and personal, along with the determination to succeed in their dreams and goals.

The feedback has been phenomenal, and totally inspiring for me as I have seen how much it has had an impact on their lives. I am so looking forward to impacting others in a similar way through this virtual online course.

How Can You Enroll?

You can enroll for the Repurpose Your LifeSkills Course by clicking the link HERE

I would love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment below this post, or post a review on my blog for others to see.. Testimonials Page

The original Press Release can be found here ==> PRESS RELEASE

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