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Published: July 20, 2019

How To Get Your Metabolism to Speed Up And Burn Fat

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Cereals have been known to contain sugar and fortified vitamins.  Imagine the wheat processed for your cereal has the most important micronutrients and vitamins removed during that process, and the manufacturers then include them back into the cereal at a later stage, that doesn’t make sense to me? But it happens, they call it ‘extrusion’
Not to mention all the hidden sugars and salt added as well.  Very few cereals have enough fibre to be of real benefit to the body.  

SO what is the secret to a healthy breakfast? 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  After having 7-8hours or more of sleep, and possibly over 10 hours of fasting which has occurred between the time you ate the night before until you wake up in the morning, means your body needs energy to help you get through the first part of the day. 

So it is crucial for you to have a balanced breakfast first thing in the morning, not only does it wake up your digestive system, but it also kickstarts your metabolism, and gets fat burning effectively.  Those that do not have a balanced breakfast filled with fibre and protein, find that they feel tired, sluggish and tend to put on weight later on as their metabolism slows or stops.  Too much sugar in your diet can give you incredible highs and lows in energy, and also affects your mood.  

By reducing sugar in your breakfast first thing and drinking at least 2 glasses of water to replenish the bodies water intake, will give you increased energy.

What is the ideal breakfast?

This is a tough one as there are many healthy breakfasts that are available, some people are not morning people and don’t like eating too early, therefore something like a fruit / and or vegetable ‘smoothie’ with added protein would be ideal.  I usen a product called FORM, which not only has plant protein, but other organic plans such as wheatgrass, chia seeds, spirulina, and chlorphyll to boot!
For those that have time and like to eat, there are cereals like rolled oats, yoghurt and muesli, bran flakes, with added fruits or nuts or seeds. 
For those that like cooked breakfasts, then poached eggs, scrambled eggs, spinach, baked beans, wholemeal toast, mushrooms, wholemeal, or high protein pancakes, or other non fried high fibre alternatives. 
SO it’s out with the traditional ‘fry up’ and in with a healthier alternative. 
Having a cup of coffee or green tea also helps to speed up the metabolism in the morning, but again ensure you drink 2 glasses of water upon rising, this will make all the difference to your metabolism and fat burning effectiveness, especially if it includes squeezed lemon, lime and cucumber.  

Ensure that the first glass of water is body temperature so that it can be easily absorbed and assimilated. I usually add a pre n& pro biotic called PURE, this helps with the immune system making it more resistant.

The second glass of water should be ICE COLD as this will help to speed up your metabolism, as the body needs to use a process called thermogenesis to warm the cold water up in the body a bit like a kettle!  
Diabetics should ensure they include carbs, fats and proteins in their breakfast and generally low GI foods are much more slow releasing and will balance out your hormones better.  You can find out about low GI foods here. 

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