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Published: March 23, 2020

Living in Unprecedented Times

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With the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID19 we are indeed in unprecedented times.

At the moment in the UK we are in lockdown. But even though we are, today we have been told, there are too many people travelling on the trains to get to work.

We have been told only essential workers should be at work. Their children should be at school. If you are not an essential worker, or someone in the Health industry, Social Care, Teachers, Delivery Drivers, Shop owners for retail food outlets, bank staff, council staff, then you should stay at home.

In this time if you are self isolating it could affect your mental health and wellbeing. Here is my podcast recorded earlier today, giving so tips and advice.

Episode 11 SoulDiva Speaks – Unprecedented Times

Please leave your comments and thoughts on this subject below. How is being isolated affecting you?

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