Learn Why You Question Why You Are Here?

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When you are faced with challenges in your life, how do you react?
You see we are all made differently, and rightly so. Each one of us has a unique power, one that is meant for sharing with others.
Some are good with their hands, and should look to creating wealth with that skill, if this is your purpose you will be guided by it.
Some are good with their words, and encourage others, and should look to creating wealth with that skill again, if this is your purpose you will be guided by it.

Some of us find our talent when we are faced with challenges. That is a good thing. Because it is these challenges in life that make or break us.
I know I have a warrior heart and spirit, because I refuse to back down and cry or give up when things do not go my way. I step back and see what other way I can get there instead.

Your Spirit / Soul has a mission

You see we all are here for a purpose, and your spirit or your soul's mission is to connect with the Divine Creator, whoever that is for you. some say this is the 'source' the 'universe' 'God' Now to some this may seem a bit cookie, but to others the penny may just have dropped.

If you have every felt in your life that life is about something but you did not quite know what it was, or that you were in need of some sort of spiritual guidance at some point because you were going through a questioning period of WHY AM I HERE?

It is because your Soul / Spirit is awakening inside you, wanting to connect with its purpose.

Ways you can connect to your Inner Being

We have to be mindful in the first place that there is an inner consciousness that needs to be released. In order to do this you need to still your mind enough to experience peacefulness and joy within you.

We have two sides to us, the conscious and the subconscious. Believe it or not it is the sub conscious that rules our lives day to day. Although we think it is the other way around. So the subliminal messages you pick up every day, has an impact on your mind, your thinking. What are you saying to yourself? How are you speaking to your sub conscious mind daily? Of you have worry and stress, that is what is being put into your mind. How will that help you?

I have learned to ask myself questions last thing at night that I want to resolve. This is why I consciously ask myself questions last thing at night, my sub conscious mind will search deep within itself to find the solution, the answer. And you know what.... most everytime it does.

That is how powerful your mind is. You see your mind and your spirit are connected. You body is just a vessel for them while your spirit exists here in your earthly form. Some of you won't get this, and that is because you are not there yet with your thinking, with your journey to finding your self and purpose.

Meditation helps you connect with your inner being, and the best time to do this is in the quiet times of the day or evening. For me it is first thing in the morning and last thing at night. There are many guided meditations you can listen to on you tube or podcasts for any situation you may be up against.

Hope this your tube video which is rather long in length, but is meant to be listened to when you go to sleep, will help you find your purpose.

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