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Published: December 31, 2019

Its A New Decade – 2020

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As I am getting ready to party my way into 2020, I am at my desk writing this to you, this it is 31st December 2019, we are about to celebrate the start of a new decade.

My advice to you is not to let this decade we are about to begin 2020, slip away from you.  No, you deserve better than the last 10 years.

2020 is a time for growth, a time for challenges, and a time for new beginnings.

Make your dreams so big they scare you.

Make plans to take action, because without action, nothing will get done.

I hope to inspire you into 2020 and beyond with our new ways of thinking,
prizes and give aways I have planned, and of course sage advice on our
‘Soul Diva Blog’.

I appreciate you and the support you have given over the last year, and here is to a fantabulous 2020!!!

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