Is This The New Normal?

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It has now been nearly 6 weeks in lockdown for us in the United Kingdom after the outbreak of the pandemic that is COVID19.

Only being allowed out 2 times in a day, to get essential supplies and to exercise is now starting to feel restrictive to many. Even after new proposals by our prime minister to begin a start back to work, and normality is being taken with caution. Many still worried to go out. Those who are vulnerable are too are not even considering going anywhere for now.

Not being able to hug your family or friends, not being able to meet up with them, is taking its toll on some.

The freedom that we once took for granted is now a luxury to be able to go out to the mall, to the shops, try on clothes, or just to be able to just jump in the car and go to lovely park spaces, or visit friends. When will we ever get back to this way of living. When will we get back to trusting strangers who cough, or sneeze around us. Mindful of the fact that we are in allergy season, and shortly before we know it coming up to the cold / flu season.

How will this affect our wider society after lockdown is over?

Many of us are looking to what we can do to create an extra income, as our current income is either reduced or uncertain, or not existing. Many are unable to provide food for themselves or their family. Many are struggling with their bills and other life essentials.

Its great to see the government here in the UK giving a helping hand to those that need it, but what about those in other parts of the world, who are equally suffering. It's tragic to think of what is happening to all economies because of this terrible illness. It shows us how vulnerable everyone is, as this illness can affect anyone, rich or poor, sick or healthy, young or old. It does not discriminate with colour or race.

Listen to the Soul Diva Speaks Podcast below to hear her views. Do you agree? or Disagree? Leave us a comment.

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