International Women's Day!

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I just love this day, being recognised and recognising some of my women entrepreneurs and my friends for the hard work and efforts that they do in raising families and putting together a business generating an income that's making a difference to the lives of their families.

More and more women are looking to have a sideline business, or possibly a main business that they can do from their own home, one that will help them work around their family.

Know whether you realise it or not most of us women are really good at the following;


Know whether you realise it or not most of us women are really good at the following;

  • Organising
  • Time management
  • Encouragement/motivation
  • Creative
  • Entertaining
  • Great hostesses
  • Nurturers
  • Teachers
  • Great listeners
  • Great negotiators
  • Great peacekeepers
  • Good facilitators

The list is endless I could go on, but these are just some of the qualities that we as women have. Too often we underestimate ourselves and the value that we could provide out there in the marketplace. I encourage you all to take the time out to look at your transferable skills, the skills that we use at home with our family and our children, these are powerful skill sets that would an employer would pay great money in any corporate situation.

So why not to work for YOU Inc!

It was back in 1999 when I became redundant that I took a look at my skill set. It's funny isn't it, when you are reached with the situation such as redundancy, or losing your job that's the time we choose to look deep within. I had to look at what I could do, what skills set I had that were transferable and what my job possibilities were. Honestly, you shouldn't have to wait until then, we should be looking at our skill sets on a regular basis, we should be updating out resumes monthly with out achievements.

So, this week of International women's day , Value yourself, take note of the transferable skills you have, and begin to dream again.

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