'I Can't Breathe....'

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Last week we witnessed outrage around the globe at the death of George Floyd who was unlawfully killed by Police in America.

Yet again, incidents where black people are opressed and killed with no justice seemingly to instantly take place as the crime is not deemed to be as significant in the eyes of the politicians. It is only when the people riot and demonstrate their feelings of unhappiness, discontent and injustice is there action then taken.

As or writing this blog post the policeman in question who committed the act is in custody for 3rd degree murder, although personally I feel it should be 1st degree as he appeared defiant and unrepenting when George Floyd called out that he could not breathe, he refused to relent and move his knee away from crushing his windpipe.

So in this weeks episode of my podcast Soul Diva Speaks my special guest Deian Abankwa discusses her thoughts and feelings around the subject.

Click on the photo below to be sent to the podcast.

Would love to hear your views and comments.

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