How To Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

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Building Confidence has to be done slowly, and everyone is different and will need to find their own techniques to help them overcome FEAR or ANXIETY

There are lots of self help books, videos and also therapists you can seek out, to help you overcome your FEARS.

A few years back I lacked self esteem, and lost my confidence because of a relationship breakdown. Prior to that I was a very confident and happy self assured person, always smiling, always offering help and advice. But after the knock back, I fell into a low place. Not quite depression, but I could see how it could easily have become that.

So, if you are fearful in your life for whatever reason, here is some advice I can offer.

  1. Taking Action - helps you to overcome your fear. inaction only breeds more fear. So if you are scared to pick up the phone to call a customer or a prospect, JUST DO IT! as Nike says. You could start small by making a 'toast' or something at a family or friends function. But just take action towards the fear. Actors always feel fear when acting, but they move through it and just do it.
  2. Think and Act Confidently - When you have a positive mindset on things, this gives you confidence. Reading or listening to motivational videos or books help you to gain that confidence, that get up and GO ATTITUDE
  3. Visualise your self as you want to be - Most times when we are fearful, we have a set image of ourselves. Raise the bar, and look at how you can become, if you were to overcome that fear.... visualise it, what would you be wearing, how is your hair, your make up, how do you feel inside, and what will that do for your life or your dreams?
  4. Question your inner critic - You have this critic that sits in your head, discouraging you to move forward, to try new things. STOP listening to it, and question it with But what if.... I know but....
  5. Do something scary or new that you have never done every day - by daily doing something that is scary will help you overcome fear much quicker and will get easier and easier and your confidence will rise....
  6. Set Yourself Up to Win - Personal development is key to developing your confidence, some great books to read are Mel Robbins The 5 Second Rule

I hope that these suggestions do help you overcome FEAR and improve your self confidence, as they have done with me. Let me know....

I would love to hear other suggestions on how to develop your self confidence and overcome fear so if you have any please leave a comment hear.

I am heavily into personal development because as the great Zig Zigler once said -

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.

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