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Published: July 30, 2018

How Music Helped Me To Remain Positive And Upbeat

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SO there were days when I felt so low, lack of energy, lack of self esteem and felt really crap.  This was shortly after my marriage broke down.  I won’t go into details, but if any of you have faced a relationship breakdown, you know how bad it can get.

dare to dreamYou stop caring for yourself, you stop worying about eating properly, if you bother to feed yourself at all! You stop worrying about your appearance, just about keeping it down to get to work and back.  You work on automatic, getting the kids ready for school, doing the washing, ironing, homework with them and all of that, but for yourself, you don’t make time, make time to discovrer you again.  That is what I had to do, make time to discover me again.

I questioned my whole being, why was I here? I must have a purpose in life, what was it? Who am I, who is the real Colette Morris?

I was daughter, sister, girfriend, lover, wife, mother, aunt but  who was Colette? What did she like? what didn’t she like? What was her favourite colour, music, foods?

Yes I went in deep, it took me 5 years after my seperation to find the real me, the real person, the Colette I was and wanted to be, not the one who others expected me to be. Music helped me throughout all that time, it made me stronger, made me live again, made me more positive and helped me see light at the end of a dark tunnel. Previous studies have found that music therapy is a promising additional treatment for depression.

Depression is usually treated with medication and psychiatric counselling. But I didn’t want to go down that route, I felt I was strong enough to resist and find my own way. Hence the start of a journey which has strengthened me and led me in the direction of my purpose. Led me to opportunities that have moved my life forward.

Now being a single mother with two young boys, I had to be their rock, and show one face.  The face of resilience, and reassurance give them the feeling of stability and safety like all mothers try to do, making them feel  that everything will be alright in the words of Bob Marley 

Even if inside my world the walls were crumbling and I felt not in control.  So, when I had those days that I didn’t believe enough in myself, I listened to uplifting music, this ranged from Bob Marley and his positive vibes of ‘Dont’ Worry’, to gospel tracks, and my favourite was Sounds of Blackness – I’m going all the way

I soon made a list of music that inspired and uplifted me, that my spirit jumped to,  this helped my mind shift from a depressive state into a more positive and responsive state.  During those moments, I began getting back my awesome!  I began to dream of my new life, of what I wanted to be, do and have going forward.

When I understood what was important to me, my WHY for carrying on, it helped with putting dreams and goals back into my life.

There are also natural herbs that can help with depression, and one such herb exists in SOUL that is Black Cumin Seed  

Black seed or Black Cumin Seed has been used to treat anxiety in the herbal realm.  But did you know that Black seed has been used for thousands of years, throughout Egypt, Greece, and China.  It has so many benefits  and has been known to fight cancer and infections, restore hair loss, improve the condition of your skin, and provide so many other health benefits.  If you want to improve your mood, help your body fight against disease, and significantly reduce your level of anxiety, then you need to get familiar with black seed oil. Try using SOUL which contains black cumin seed and other potent seed nutritional extracts.

So for me, Music was one way, self development and moving in different circles also helped, but those are posts for another day!

Have you found music to help you with your moods, whether to calm you down, or to shift from one state into another?  Let me know.

Study for Music and Depression

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