How Is Your Money Talk?

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What we think and feel about money comes from our childhood and how our parents associated themselves with oney. If you came from a childhood where your parents had to watch their money carefully, and there was always a sense of scarcity around you, then you ay unknowingly be carrying these thought sets around with you.

If the following sentiments ring true for you, then you have money limiting beliefs you need to abolish if you wish to change your money talk going forward.

'What do you think I am a bank?'

'Do you think Money grows on trees?

'Money is the root of all evil'

'I dont have money coming out of my ears?

So this weeks podcast Guest is Natalie Scott who is a MoneyMindset and Savings Coach. Natalie empowers millenials and Gen Z to banish scarcity, negative views surrounding money and accept the abundance that they deserve.
Listen for some really great tips and advice on how you can go about changing your money mindset.
How to budget, save, invest, become a property owner and more… Money talk

You can connect with Natalie on Instagram IG:NatalieScottEmpowers and go vist her online at

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