Have You Been In The Right Place At The Right Time to Receive or Give a Helping Hand?

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I have always wondered if we are moved to be in a place and time for a reason. There have been several instances in my life where timing has had a major effect on my life or on someone elses life.

Let me tell you a story, one of some many in my journey called life that have either happened to me or by me.

In this particular case sometime last year, my partner and I went into the local shopping mall to find an outfit for a wedding I was to attend. There are 4 floors in this shopping mall and needless to say after looking through countless shops, me trying on different dresses, and him patiently approving or disapproving I found a dress that I loved, and it was a lovely fit. I didn't have to worry about shoes, becase I even had the pair of shoes the same colour at home to match the dress, how spooky was that?

Anyway, we then were walking back towards the car park and had to go up the escalator to the 2nd floor, and just in front of us a young lady pushed between us with her son aged around 5. She was heavily engaged in a telephone conversation and her little son was struggling to hold onto his scooter and the escalator. I thought how inconsiderate, and dangerous to expect a little boy to be able to manage the moving escalators and his scooter.

I was just a few stairs behind him, and was busy talking to my partner, when I turned around and mentioned, that we were not supposed to be on the escalator as I remembered I had parked the car in another car park. Then as I turned back to face forward the little lad fell down the stairs backwards towards me. I was in shock, and caught him by reflex picking him up by the arms and held him, til we travelled to the top of the escalator. He screamed and was crying.

His young mum turned around already at the top and screamed. But I had already caught him and my partner caught his scooter. He was shook up and crying, but fine. We met her at the top of the escalator dusted him off, and then went back down again the otherside to the other car park.

I thought to myself, I was meant to be there at that time for that little one, because he fell from near the top of the escalator back to around the middle of it. I was sent to help him, or so I believed.

There have been times in my life when people appeared at the time they were needed, if I needed support, I would suddenly have someone reach out that spoke words that made sense to me, or a book that was suggested, or a video posted to my wall which spoke loudly to me, and gave me direction on what to do next. All around us there are people, signs, things that are sent to guide us, to let us know we are travelling in the right direction.

Reminds me of a story I read once in a personal development story about not giving up and being consistent in your actions. A young boy used to help his father deliver leaflets to support his fathers home business. They went out in all weathers, but one horrible wet stormy day, his father said to him, son, I won't bother to go out today to deliver leaflets because the weather is so bad. But, his son said, Dad, if it is ok with you, I still want to go out and deliver the leaflets because you never know someone out there may read and need your services today. So his father said it was ok for him to go out on his own. As the young boy was delivering his leaflets he met an old lady looking through her window and she looked really sad, so he knocked on her door, and gave her a leaflet and smiled. The lady took pity on him and asked him inside to have a warm drink and get a bit dry. He went in and they had a lovely conversation about what he wanted to be when he grows up, and how hard his dad works and how he was helping him out. She told him about her life and how sad she felt, and he smiled and said to her, you are lucky, you get to live in a lovely big house which is so cosy and warm, and you look pretty healthy so there is lots to be happy for. You don't have to work, and my dad works very hard. The old lady thanked him and said she was happy he still wanted to go out in the rain to deliver his leaflets, and stopped by her house. He made his excuses and left the ladies house. One day the following week the lady rung the number of the leaflet and spoke to the father. She told the father he had grown a lovely compassionate young man, and that because of him, she was still here. You see, the day he went out in the rain and wet to deliver his leaflets, and stopped by her house, she was considering ending her life, as she felt there was nothing left to live for. But after her conversations with his son, she felt needed and was now looking to see how she could help others not so well off as herself. So you see, when you are in your darkest hour, people or things are sent to you on purpose to help you RISE....

Do you have a coincidental story such as this? I would love to hear in the comments from you.

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