Give Yourself a Digital Reset

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we are consumed by digital technology. Everyone has a smart phone these days, and we are inundated by notifications, pings, email. Some people have an obsession with checking Insta or Facebook everytime they get a notification or update.

It can get rather overwhelming, and you may find yourself scrolling on your phone for an hour and then wonder where the time went.

It can leave you feeling anxious if you cannot see your messages or respond in good time. We must remember that not every minute of you life needs to be documented.

I have been out at a restaurant and seeing couples with their phones out not talking to each other. Instead they had sat down looking at their Facebook or instagram accounts. . It's a sad day when it comes to this. It's all about mindset and how you use your phone with all the apps and tools on it as they can be useful, they can also be a distraction, and also a relationship killer.

So, this is why I sometimes give myself a digital reset.

  1. Make it a rule that when you sit down for a meal, you turn off your phone or turn it face down and mute the phone so you cannot hear or see any notifications that come up. Better still keep the phone either in your handbag, or in a pocket. Give the person who you are dining with your full attention, the conversation will be well worthwhile.

2. Make it a point to turn off all the unwanted notifications on your phone, only keep those that are relevant. When I looked through how many notifications I had opted into on my phone, and I was astonished at how many they were So by reducing my notifications to only key applications that I want to receive messages from has made a huge difference to me.

3. At bedtime, put your phone on charge downstairs or away from your bedroom. Many of us have their phones beside them in bed when it charges, and are tempted to look at your whatsapp chat or Facebook or Insta etc, or when you wake up in the night restless, you may pick up the phone then you end up scrolling for 30 minutes or more, before you realise you need to get back to sleep. The body needs rest, and you cannot get rest if you are conscious in your sleep of your phone or its notifications.

4. Turn off the television if you have a TV in your bedroom, rather than leave it on standby. The redlight of the stanby light can keeo you awake at night. Also, in the evening do not look to the television to 'babysit' you to sleep. Instead why not unwind through reading or listening to an e-book or classical usic, or just soft music that will help ou to get to sleep.

5. Be present at what you do, or where you are. Do not use any electrical equipment where you are. This gives a sense of peace and presence.

Doing regular digital detoxes will help you save money and also reduce the anxiety of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This alone is great for ones sanity.

Think how peaceful life is when you are not glued to your phone, TV or other laptop / tablet.

Do a digital detox cahallenge! I dare you...

Let me know how you get on.

Also if you have any further tips of advice to not be so anxious without your digital device, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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