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Published: March 19, 2020

Getting Used To The New Normal

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During these trying times it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook and keep yourself healthy too, especially if you are in a ‘self isolation’ or quarantined situation.

For some people, they have not undertaken homeworking on such a scale as 7 days or 14 days or even in some cases 30 days. So may find it pretty lonely and daunting.

So what can you do working from home to keep your self in good health physically and mentally.  Here are some of the things I personally have put into place while transitioning from an office environment to a work from home environment.

  • I would say get yourself into a routine, put it in a diary if you have to, but having something to look forward to in the week days can help.
  • For those of us who are social animals and need to have contact with others,there are technical solutions out there that can help support inclusion with others. Using the Zoom Platform, or Skype Platform  you can create virtual coffee mornings, virtual office environments and even conduct meetings this way. You can share screens and also offer technical support as you can screen share.
  • For my mental health I have a morning routine; I meditate  and pray first thing, set my intentions for the day and check my diary when I wake up.  You can listen to audio books or watch you tube videos for motivation and inspiration any time in the day.
  • For physical fitness, there are short you tube videos on activities such as yoga, Zumba, cardio without gym equipment. You can set an alarm for every 50 minutes to get up and walk around for 10 minutes too, for those of us who do not get reminders from our fitbits, etc.

Would also love to know what you are doing to keep your mental health and wellbeing in order, feel free to share below.  Stay safe!

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