Get Real With Yourself, 6 Months in.. Are You Drifting?

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We are half way through the year, its July already. What have you achieved?

Are you ay closer to completing your goals, or living those dreams you put up on your vision board last year?

Did you put down your goals, or list your dreams?

You see there are people who just drfit in life. They don't have a plan of where they want to be one year, three years, five years ahead in life. They just drift from day to day, living up to some one elses plans, attending their nine till five jobs. Or even running their business without referring to their goals and plans is just as criminal. Being without a plan is no joke. It can lose you years of 'shoulda coulda woulda' Some people even die before they can even work on a plan, or get their plan started. Don't be that person...

You want to start your own business?

So what is stopping you?

You want to leave a bad relationship?

So what is stopping you?

You want to increase your income, make more money?

So what is stopping you?

You want to upgrade your mindset?

So what is stopping you?

You want to lose weight and feel great?

So what the hell is stopping you?

You know what YOU are the one stopping YOU. Its all down to you and how you feel, whether you like it or not. Only YOU can make the decision and then take the action to go ahead and do what it is that is stopping you from the above.

I told you that you may not like what I have to say, but the reality is, you will always be dreaming about doing and NEVER DO. You will one day be saying I SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA....

DOn't live someone elses dream doing a 9-5 that does not recognise your worth, working for someone else sees you hitting the glass ceiling that you are continiuosly bouncing your head upon. You can only get so far living in someone elses business, someone elses dreams.

You go to a JOB every day where you may face discremination of some sort. whether you are a woman, LGBT or black, white, cloloured or Asian....

If you feel bad because of what I just said, then its on YOU, go do something about it and thank me later....

You see once you make up your mind, and then act on it, things will start to happen. You will see people coming into your life to help you reach your goal or dream.

Now lets get back to getting you on track

So here are some simple steps you can take to reverse the trend, ger yourself back on track and crush those goals and live those dreams.

Step 1 Review

Review your current position. IS your outcome still the same? Has your timescale changed? Look at why you have not yet met that goal, is it lack of activity or action on your part. Could you have done more?

Step 2 - Revise

Look at how you can revise the goal in question. Does it need to be broken down in smaller chuncks of action to get you to where you need to be? Do you need to collaborate or work with others to achieve the goal? If this is the case you need to reach out to those people in question and get their permission and commitment to work with you to achieve the goal in question. You need to have milestones to keep yourself on track. make sure you plan those along the way.

Make the Goal more specific, make it mean something to you. Tie it to the overal outcome and how it will make you feel to achieve it.

Step 3 - Plan / Action

You've heard this all before, now it's time to put a plan down break down those goals and start acting on them. You've made it so far, so don't blow it now. Take an action is how you can move your goals along, see your progress and reach your success.

Make sure your plan is something that you look at each and every day, so that you can stay accountable and stay on track. Don't hide it displayed. Find yourself an accountability partner someone who can keep you aligned and focused, someone who can be real with you even if you don't want to hear iwhat has to be said.

If these steps help you in anyway, I would love to hear from you.

I teach women how to 'be cofident, start a business, increase their worth, set goals and achieve them successfully'. If you are interested in finding out more feel free to connect with me on my Facebook page LIKE and book a free consultation with me >> HERE

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