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If you are struggling with your emotions, your home life, your work life, your business right now, then look at the little things in your life that bring you joy. Sometimes it is the little things that get overlooked that can make such a difference. The more joy you choose, the more positive things come your way.

Practising the art of GRATITUDE will also help you to focus on the little things and the things we take for granted.

This was sent to me via email from 'The Secret Scrolls' website and I felt it was appropriate to post on my blog.

Every day, or at the very least once or twice a week, take a few minutes and focus on seeing yourself in joy. Feel yourself in joy. Imagine only joy ahead in your life and see yourself basking in it. As you do this the Universe will move all people, circumstances, and events to bring you that joy. You can't be in joy if you have money worries, or health worries, or relationship problems with friends or family. So deposit some joy in the bank of the Universe as often as you can. There isn't an investment that is more worthwhile. Unquote.

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May the joy be with you,

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