Finding Your Purpose

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Without a life purpose as the compass to guide you, your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfill you. - Jack Cairnfield

I personally believe we are all born with a purpose. Some people know their purpose really early on in life, while some take a while to wake up to the fact that they have a purpose and to then go on to find it.

I saw this in my children from a very early age, one son was always intrigued with taking apart his toys and trying to put them back together again. I knew he would do something with his hands. He is now a fully qualified mechanic and loves repairing cars for a hobby.

My youngest son was always interested in music from a very early age, he loved dancing, and he loved pretending to be a radio host and playing music. He is now in the entertainment world as a DJ and music producer.

For others it may take them a while it might not be blatantly obvious. For me I’ve always been passionate about health, this wasn’t something that came through at an early age. I was passionate about exercise and wellness when I was younger and this matured into being passionate about healthy eating and improving one’s diet to help one’s health. I found that my friends were always coming to me seeking advice on health, mindset and other areas in life. It was because I was an impartial person and never shared their 'secrets', this has now led me to becoming a Coach.

I did at one point in my life begin to question myself as to why I was here, and went through a phase of trying to find myself through religion, mediation, yoga that kind of thing. Trying to connect with myself spiritually I guess.

So if you find yourself asking, why are you here, and find yourself searching, but not clear on what you are searching for, this means you are beginning to awaken inside, beginning to search for your purposes, your meaning for being here.

I would say, think about what you love to do, what gives you ultimate joy, what makes you smile, what would you love to do, even if you were not being paid? This is your passion, so it is a good place to start.

What can you do in that area? Would you be able to support others? Is it to give pleasure to others, maybe you want to sing, or play an instrument, or love cooking or reading. It still takes time to develop your talents, when you find your passion. I love networking with others who are passionate about what they do, as we can share and co-create ideas on how to improve and scale up our ideas and areas of passion.

So ask yourself what two areas you love to express in or about yourself?

How can this be shared with others?

Remember everyone has a purpose, so you are here to find it and then give it away, help others by finding your purpose.

My two areas I love to express myself is through patience and love. I use them to empower and inspire others. Listening to their health concerns and issues, and guiding them to change. I love to see the transformation in others when they realise their passion and their purpose.

By being your authentic self you will drive others to you who are similar to you, who need your talents, to help trigger theirs.

When we find our purpose, it is not to be kept to yourself, it should be shared widely with others to help make a difference.

Some great books I have read about helping you to find your purpose can be found here

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