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Is This The New Normal?

Reading Time: 2 minutes It has now been nearly 6 weeks in lockdown for us in the United Kingdom after the outbreak of the pandemic that is COVID19. Only being allowed out 2 times in a day, to get essential supplies and to exercise is now starting to feel restrictive to many. Even after new proposals by our prime […]

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Getting Used To The New Normal

Reading Time: 2 minutes During these trying times it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook and keep yourself healthy too, especially if you are in a ‘self isolation’ or quarantined situation. For some people, they have not undertaken homeworking on such a scale as 7 days or 14 days or even in some cases 30 days. So […]

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Things To Think About When Looking At A Second Income Stream

Reading Time: 4 minutes With little training or experience in marketing or sales I turned over £500 in my 2nd month in business So here I was 36 years old and no longer married, no longer had the income to support the living I had become accustomed to.  It wasn’t lavish, but comfortable for where we were in our […]

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Persistence- A lesson learned from a five-year-old !

Reading Time: 2 minutes I happened to be blessed with two gorgeous grandsons, aged 5 and 26 months old.   They bring with them so much joy and lots of fun.  I continuously find myself observing and learning from them.  I read somewhere that you should sit and observe OLD people and babies.   My life experience so far […]

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Great Tips on Time Management

Reading Time: 4 minutes I was on a great site called Lifehack the other day and found these great tips for time management. I know that I could do withe managing my time more effectively, so I found these useful myself. “Are you usually punctual or late? Do you finish things within the time you stipulate? Do you hand […]

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If you are not a natural seller, what can you do to be successful at it?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I used to worry that I wouldn’t be good at ‘selling’ things in my network marketing company when I first started out.  However, because I was passionate about the industry I was in, I found it easy to talk about the products to others.  And guess what?  The more I shared stories about the product […]

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New York, New York and Networking with Ray Higdon

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just got back from New York New York, so good they named it twice. Spent a short weekend over in New York as part of a business networking event which my primary company hosted. I had the good fortune to link up with Ray Higdon, blogger extraordinaire,  seven figure Network Market income earner and business coach […]

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My 5 Top Tips To Increase Exposure In Your Business

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is a really short video which I broadcasted on Periscope earlier on today. In it on my five top tips to help you increase exposure in your business. If you want your brand and your name out there, you have to increase your exposure to your audience. In my short video I talk about […]

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7 Ways to Win Friends

Reading Time: < 1 minute The mark of leadership is to take the lead to get to know people.  If you wait for the other person to build the foundation of friendship you end up with not many friends.  Next time you are amongst people observe something very significant, the more important person present is the one person most active […]

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Why You Should Have A Blog If You Are In Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you have an online business then it is essential you also have a blog. Just a few years back blogging was seen as geeky, not now. Blogging can become a serious money making tool. In some ways it’s better than a shop front. With a blog you can define your niche and build on […]

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