Coping With Bereavement During Lockdown - 2020

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During the season of COVID19 many will have lost loved ones either to this dreadfull illness or otherwise, but still are all subject to the same issues of not being able to see their loved ones in their last moments, and for many not being able to attend funerals. The depression and grief during this period will hit some more than others.

It is not easy when you lose a loved one to cope with your emotions in any circumstance. Everyone copes differently. In normal circumstancesberfore the lock down, there are traditions which many of us adhere to. However, with movement restrictions in place because of the deadly COVID19 virus, funerals here in the UK are restricted to only 10 people, no church service just straight to the graveside, or crematorium.

You are unable to say your last goodbyes, or even be with your loved ones when they are transitioning. This can have a devastating and traumatic effect on you. I know from personal experience of losing an aunt and others during this season of COVID19.

With me this week in my Podcast my guest Angela Rose has experienced loss in her family and discusses with me on my podcast how this has had an effect on her and those family members closest.

The podcast is nearly an hour long, but there are so many nuggets and gems to take away from this to help you move forward and start to live again it is worth listening to.

I will add some of the resource that Angela was talking about in her podcast here as it may help others.

Personal Touch Funeral Planning Services Ltd Location: Brixton UK
Tel: +44 (0) 207 326 0860

Bereavement Support -Cruse Help with dealing with Coronavirus grief and support

NHS Advise and Support during Coronavirus

Help Paying For A Funeral

Episode 15 Sould Diva SPeaks Podcast - Click Here to listen

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