Building Key Habits That Will Make Opportunities Come Your Way

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Have you ever wondered how you can attract an opportunity into your life?

Well here are a few things I have found that has helped me to attract opportunities upon opportunities.

If you want to automatically attract enormous success, see every problem as an opportunity to learn. Not everyone has the patience to see through problems, some do not have the ability to and steer clear of problems. The person who looks at a problem to learn from it, will reap more rewards and understanding than those who just walk away from it.

“One of the major differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people look for problems, whereas the latter make every attempt to avoid them.” -Grant Cardone

When I was working as a Manager, I used to empower my staff by saying to them, do not come to me with problems, come to me with solutions to the problems. The world loves people with this mindset. Individuals with this attitude inspire faith, confidence, and trust in others.

Learn new skills, even if you find them difficult.

If you want yourself to develop and grow you need to learn new ways of thinking, new skills.

Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is the experience.”

New skills will push you out of your comfort zone and into unknown territory, but can reap massive rewards once you master your new skills. You will become attractive to others in that industry once you learn and master your new skill.

Most people don’t know how to:

  • Consistently wake up at 5AM
  • Start a blog
  • Create their own podcast
  • Design their own online course
  • Generate Leads online and offline
  • Learn how to utilise Social Media and sell online
  • Create their own self published e-book
  • Build Global Network Marketing Businesses creating duplication and success

I didn’t believe I could do any of these things. But I’ve taught myself each of these skills — and evolved into a much better version of myself in the process.

It takes dedication and time to learn new skills, but you have to put those skills into action to see the rewards. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod helped alot with looking at your morning routine.

Most people have an extremely limiting mindset of themselves through no fault of their own. Some even wear these limitations as a backwards badge of honor:

  • “Oh, I have no idea how to write a book.”
  • “I’m awful at all that creative stuff.”
  • “I can’t start a podcast, I wouldn’t know where to start.”
  • “I couldn’t start my own business, I’d be a terrible businessperson.”

This disbelief is negative power. As Joseph Murphy wrote in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, “Your subconscious mind will accept any suggestions, however false, and responds according to the nature of the suggestion given.”

Recognise Opportunities that come to you

- sadly most people do not recognise opportunity even if it is slapping them in the face. The magic is, once you begin seizing opportunities as they come, more opportunities will gravitate to you. The more you capitalize on, the more come your way.

This was something I learned when many years ago, I was in a dilema on whether I should accept a lucrative JOB offer, or go with the offer of doing something I loved for less, it carried alot of uncertainty and no stability, but the potential was there for it to blow up into something bigger than the job offer. I had a mortgage and bills to pay, so which one did I go for?

The job offer had lots of money attached to it, it was something I could easily do, I needed the income, but it was something I did not want to ultimately do. The offer of following my passion was the one I eventually took up, the money was no way in comparison, but immediately I took up that offer, other offers and opportunities flooded towards me which in the long run, paid more than the JOB would have paid.

Opportunities come in different guises, but you need to be prepared to see them and take them as they arise.

Do what others are not willing to do. They say that successful people do what others are not willing to do.

Getting up at 5am, working 14-16 hours a day in your home business, getting no after no after no, rejections and abuse for something you believe in. Are you willing to do that?

Most successful entrepreneurs and gifted people do what other normal people would not do. They get up early, go to bed late, face numerous amounts of ridicule and rejection, but it does not put them of their goal or their purpose. Sometimes it takes years to see results, are you willing to work solidly for 10 hours or more a day for 5 years to then have 40 years or more off? Those results could last a lifetime if you build residual income in that time!

Jim Rohn - Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments!  Description from I searched… | Jim rohn quotes, Jim rohn,  Inspirational quotes
Jim Rohn Business Mentor

Fail Forward to Success

Most people see failing as a terrible thing and give up at that first hurdle of failure. They don't have the patience to go back and try again. They get distracted from the failure and quickly move on to something new.

In reality the more you fail the further forward you can go, IF you learn from that failure! You see each failure is a lesson that you should look at why you have failed, what could you have done differently, what could you hae done better for the next time. If you learn this, you will start improving and succeeding.

If you fail, you learn, you get back on top of it, you try again differently, you fail you learn, you try again.... by doing this repeatedly you are doing something different each time, you are making progress each time, you are then building up knowledge and fortitude towards a skill that will lead to success.

Success is attracted to those who are:

  • Consistent in a world of impatience
  • Committed in a world of inconstancy
  • Focused in a world of distraction

The best way to learn and grow is through repeated, consistent actions. Failure is simply an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to discover new lessons.

Think Your Way To Success

Your mind is your biggest obstacle to either success or failure. We were born to succeed. Think about it, the race to that one egg to be fertilised and created YOU! Going through FULL term, or arriving ALIVE at birth is success for LIFE!

Anyone can evolve into better versions of themselves. Anyone who wants to can realize even their most lofty goals if they put their minds to it. The bible says.....

For as a man thinketh in his heart so is he." Proverbs 23:7 ... |  Scripture quotes, Bible quotes, Words of encouragement

Meditating on my intentions for the day, speaking my self affirmations and viewing my vision board on a daily basis keeps me focusse, on track as I declare my intention to make a difference to someones life by the words and actions I take. I declare success over my words written in my blog that the person this is written for will receive the message and take action on it.

Be Your Authentic Self - Be YOU

People love to hear from REAL people. When you show your vulnerabiity, tell the truth, and bear your heart and soul people are captivated by your story. People will warm to you seeing how authentic you are, and how real you are being. It is not easy to show your vulnerability. Make sure you are in a place to share your story without it being to your detriment. Sometimes we need to heal first before we can share with others.

Never apologise for being yourself -

Paulo Coelho

I love sharing my story with others and helping them to find their authentic self. If you are struggling right now with who you are meant to be, then try our Repurpose Your Lifeskills course

Using your Spiritual gift” 7/03/20 Written by Loius Mize, a Facebook friend  | Spiritual gifts, Scripture verses, Verses

Use the gifts you have been given to help others. If it is a gift of music, then share that music with others, if it is the gift of speach and connecting, then go and use it. If it is the gift of your hands, then use them to service others. When you use your gifts more will come to you in other ways.

Be a good listener

More often than not we do not listen, we hear what people are saying, and we are already forming the answer in our heads, but we may miss the message that way.

Be still, and listen to what is being said, and what is unsaid - the tone in someones voice, the movement of their body, the message between the lines, you can only hear this if you listen with intensity to what is being said.

When you listen with this level of intensity your answer is more meaningful, deep and welcome by the other person. You have more impact on an individual if you are responding to what they are telling you if you get to the crux of the issue at hand.

It is better to GIVE than RECEIVE

Be a giver not a taker. Too many of us just want to take take take and do not give back in return. You get far more pleasure when you give than when you receive. But at the same time, we need to learn to receive graciously as well.

Some people fear giving what they do not have, but to that other person, they have nothing and you have more. If you hold on to money, then you are closing yourself off to receiving any more.

My mother always used to say, if you receive in one hand you must always give out of the other hand.

My Mum

If you are always the person giving to others, then when you are given something you need to receive it graciously. The law of attraction or karma, is around giving and receiving, energy must flow evenly around the universe.

Build Successful Habits

Building successful habits take time, you need to have discipline, and a plan going forward. There are other skills involved in developing successful habits, so if you want to build successful habits, then feel free to make an appointment for some coaching sessions with me.

If you found value in what I have shared above, please feel free to leave a comment below and SHARE with a friend.

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