Building Confidence In This Lockdown Season

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It has now been 7 months snce March 2020 that we have faced lockdown here in the UK due to the virus COVID-19. We all know we are living in unprecedentd times never seen in my life time and many others older and younger.

Being seperated from loved ones, family and friends, has taken its toll on those who are social animals and are vulnerable. Speaking to many different friends on this subject has revealed alot in our race and in ourselves.

Those of us who are fortunate to live with our kids, or a partner or your parents have company you can talk to, have a laugh with and experience these dramatic times with. I know that being so close up with each other with the restrictions can cause arguments and fights between the household as friction of not being able to be free kicks in. But be thankful, and think of those who are not as fortunate and are on their own.

If you are single, then being in isolation on your own can have a devastating effect physically and mentally, especially if you are elderly, young or vulnerable.

In my podcast his week I gave out some tips on what you can do to improve your self confidence and esteem in this situation. Please listen and let me know your thoughts.

Click on photo to listen to the PODCAST Episode 1 Take Back Your Awesome PODCAST SHOW

If you wish to have some interaction, feel free to sign up to my weekly broadcast where you will get friendly chatter from me around health, mindset and wellbeing.

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