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Published: September 26, 2019

Break ups, weight gain, low self confidence….

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We have all been there, right? 
When we have too much on our minds whether it’s to do with work, children, family, you name it, us women seem to get stressed out even more.  

We are known as the peacemakers, the ones who hold the family together, the backbone in many cases and also mum and dad to our kids.  

I’m Colette, a mother of two young men aged 30 and 25 with 2 Grandchildren.  I was married, but as most women who do marry and have kids, you don’t think you are going to end up as a single mother, but that is how I ended up many-years ago now, when the boys where 11 and 6 years old. 

I am not going to bore you or grind you down with my story, we all have one, and it will come out one day through my blog, but it was not easy, we had our ups and downs and had to find new ways to communicate (with me having to be both mum and dad at times). 

But during my most stressful time in my life, I gained weight, and lost focus for a while. 

During that time, I began to slowly find me again.  It took me 5 years of deep soul searching, reading personal development books, attending courses, looked to the bible, to church, to religion, started going out to meet new people, spending many evenings alone working out what I wanted and what I didn’t want. 

Then a light bulb pinged….
I had found me! 

I was no longer Colette, wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, the person who didn’t know what she liked or didn’t like, who couldn’t be herself because she didn’t know how… I sunk into a kind of depression, comfort eating, not caring about myself or my life. Then I began to feel so uncomfortable about my body, I desperately wanted to do something, but what?

When you mind is buzzing with so much questions,

about why you are here,

why you are going through what you go through, you are inhabiting your metabolism and fat burn. I just wasn’t taking pride in myself and it showed. One day it was one of my children who said to me, mum you are not your self these days, you are not looking after yourself properly. This shocked me into the change I knew I needed to make. I had to be an example to my kids, so I had to get up and show up, no matter what!

Five years after my husband walked out on me, I found me… who Colette was…. the funny, witty, stupidly ‘dumb blonde’ at times who loved life, loved her kids, loved her friends and began to appreciate life and everything around her once again. 

I came through a very dark place and I know what it is like to be a single parent, with little or no financial support, having little money and big mortgage, bills and expectations for your kids.  Having a job that isn’t paying you what you are worth, being with people who don’t ‘relate’ to you, or ‘appreciate you’ for you. 

So it’s no surprise why so many of us don’t get enough time to ourselves, because we are occupied during the day with work, children, home life and in the evenings with more of the same. 

Our brain is cluttered with things to do next, or how to make more money, how to get extra money for bills, food, things you want, holiday etc, wanting to lose weight, look good and feel like a human again.  
When you brain is cluttered, or foggy, you can’t think and it really makes it hard to focus. 

I hope I can give some clarity to those who seek it and health for those who want to find it though my posts, insights, videos and other things I come across. 

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