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Do You Want To Lose Weight Fast?

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are looking for feedback, tips and advice on how to lose weight fast, sorry to have disappoint you. Here's the thing... Most of the people I have spoken […]

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Habits Can Help Or Hinder You

Reading Time: 2 minutes I want to look at habits today, because so often when I help people who want to change and lose weight, they fall back on old habits of eating or […]

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Insights from the Road In My Life - Recognise the Interventions

Reading Time: < 1 minutes The other day I had to give thanks to the one above.  He made my car stall.  Now most people would curse and quickly start the car and be on […]

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This is a Truly Super Supplement - Moringa

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Today I wanted to share the benefits of Moringa with you.  I recently researched some of the benefits for a customer, and found that overall there are so many health […]

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Insights on The Road In My Life

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Suddenly it hit me as I was driving, I had an amazing insight and wanted to share. Sometimes the vehicle we are in cannot bring us to the end of […]

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Giving Gratitute Can Help You Achieve More Out Of Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes What are you most grateful for in your life right now?  I never used to think of things such as having a roof over my head, food on my table […]

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Let your inner GPS guide you...

Reading Time: < 1 minutes I am sharing with you a podcast today from my Radio Show, Mind Your Thinking.  Have you ever felt you had a 6th sense? You had a feeling either good […]

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If you are not a natural seller, what can you do to be successful at it?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I used to worry that I wouldn't be good at 'selling' things in my network marketing company when I first started out.  However, because I was passionate about the industry […]

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Self Talk - The Realisation

Reading Time: < 1 minutes In todays post I wanted to go through how important it is to have a more positive mental attitude.  It is so important how you talk to yourself internally.  It […]

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Got No Energy - Am I a SAD case?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes especially first thing in the morning in winter months, I  struggle with my energy levels, I am normally a morning person when it comes to getting the most things […]

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