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SO today I mentioned to my partner that I was in a 30 day Jump Roap challenge and in fact he filmed me on DAY 1, normally he is really supportive of the things I do. However, he does have a negative way of thinking sometimes. On this occassion, as I proceeded to fully explain the challenge to him, he responded caringly but negatively saying that it was a stupid challenge for me because I have problems for my knees and that I should think of doing another tye of challenge.

Well I was like....

You can't tell me what I can and can't do? He then proceeded to come up with what I would call negative vibes...

So here is my take on it. People who love you and are closest to you are normally the ones that can hinder you to achieveing succes, can hinder you from meeting your full potential. They may not realise they are doing this, ans feel that they are only supporting in a caring loving way and want to look out for you genuinely, but there are times when their words are not thought through and may be delivered and received as negative.

When your partner who is more or less loving and supportive but strays into the NEGATIVE VIBES area, it can lower your vibrations, kill your hopes and your dreams. It will also stop you from further communicating your ideas and dreams to them, especially if you are someone who takes things to heart.

NEVER EVER EVER let anyone lower your vibrations, or STEAL AWAY your HOPE or your DREAMS, or tell you what you FEEL you are capable of doing, who do not support or agree realistically with what you hold dearly in your DREAM, or scoff at what BODACIOUS GOAL you have set.

Yes I was mad at him, and he responded by walking away faster so I couldn't catch up to him ...... true story - we were out walking.

After that short episode I affirmed to myself my affirmations of meeting my goals, my dreams and upped my own self talk... trust me it was needed!

Then I caught up to him and calmly explained what he had just tried to do, without him realising he was doing it, to crush ones expectations with your own ideas and not considering the other persons is something most of us do..... I am sometimes guilty of doing the same thing.

Instead, step back, looking at the words you use towards the person such as using supportive words, and concerning words rather than negative putting down words, or even starting the sentence with "I think...." instead use supporting words such as "how" or "Do you think...." or "what if" these superlatives will give the other person a chance to explain their thought process and maybe just maybe the other person will get it and support. Even if they still think there is something there not to support, at least to the other person they have given them a chance to explain themselves.

Most importantly, just be YOU and if YOU are the stubborn old mule then good for you. But if you are still finding YOU, then you better learn to build a suit of armour as you will encounter put downs and frstrations along the way. LOVE YOU first, no one can upset YOU unless YOU let them.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

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