Be Kind To Your Joints

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Welcome to 2021!

As we are facing the possiblity of another few months on lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid 19, more and more of us are taking to more jogging, walking and home exercise.

Working from home is not ideal when you are sitting down for long hours, and are in doors longer than you would normally be.

I know for one, that sitting down for long periods affects my circulation, and posture even the way I move is sluggish.
So what I have found is by taking a BEND.after I have come back from a streniuos walk, run or workout, this helps to alleviate any muscle or joint soreness.

Bend is also great to improve your moods. So if you are feeling low, or have brain fog, then try BEND.

It has some great anti-inflammation benefits, so hop over to the website to find out more about BEND.

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