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Hi I’m Colette Morris.  My SOUL journey started out many years ago when my home life changed from being a married mum of 2 boys aged 5, and 10, to becoming a single mother, single income aged 36.

My life and lifestyle changed drastically when the other salary walked out the door.  I found myself struggling to pay my bills, mortgage and worst of all buy food for my kids.  As women, we never think about having a Plan B when we have a man in our life, or even when we have kids.  It wasn’t until this drastic stage in my life that Plan B came into being.

I lost all my confidence, gained 30lbs in weight, suffered depression and queried my existence on the planet. 

I know what it takes to lift up your spirit, especially when you are surrounded by dark times. 

I know what it takes to lose weight, regain your confidence and run a successful business online and offline.

I know what it takes to find a credible business to help you get out of the rut and I hope my blog posts help others who are in a similar situation go from broken, to great!  I got back my AWESOME and changed my life, my mindset and my lifestyle! The amazing thing  is so can you! 

I believe we all have a purpose, some know what theirs is, others need to search and find it. I found my purpose on my soul searching Journey to find me and am now enjoying life living it…

Why did I take so long to figure things out….

Sometimes God puts us on a path that we were meant to follow, its just that many of us don’t know that we are meant to be on that path, some even question and go against where you are directed.  Listen to your inner being your gut, and follow your instincts. 

I didn’t know it then, but my marriage break-up  led me to a different way of life, different way of thinking, I began to dream again, and became the ultimate entrepreneur and having a drive and a thirst for survival.

I found my AWESOME!

I found ME and found MY PURPOSE, motivating and inspiring women like me who want to get back to their awesome, loveable, sexy entrepreneurial way. 







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