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Published: May 5, 2019

6 Tips To Help You Focus

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Do you struggle with your day remember things you should be doing, or you are in the middle of one task, then get distracted by another? All to do with the dreaded menopause, or malfunction of the thyroid. So in this post I am going to share some of the things that has helped me to focus better and to achieve more out of my day.

I noticed recently with the change in hormones that I find it hard to focus, I even get headaches with the amount of information and things to do swimming around in my head, do you?

It can get so annoying when the day appears to end quickly and you don’t seem to get shit done. Or you have started lots of things but not completed any, you seem to drift off to another task and forget the one you had previously started. Ring any bells?

Well here is what I have found that has helped me to focus more on my tasks and get more shit done during the day.

  1. Get a good nights sleep – Often if you are not getting enough sleep, then your brain is not getting enough rest. Try essential oils such as Lavender to help you relax, calm music and stay away from anything electrical, ie televisions in bedrooms, ensure they are totally turned off, and the same with mobile phones. The energy emitting from these items can interfere with brain activity.
  2. Meditate first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This works well for me because you want your day to start right, so if you meditate and set an intention, you are setting up your day. I also meditate in the night, just before I fall asleep, if anything has been bothering me in the day, or I want to get a better result for the next day, I ask the question to myself. More on this subject later,
  3. Make a to do list, either the night before or early in the morning. Making a list helps you to brain dump anything you have on your mind, so note it all down! I make a to do list at the end of the day to review what I have not done, to then carry it over for the next day. I find it easier to keep it on my phone as my phone id always with me. I also use ‘Siri’ alot to remind me of things….
  4. Get yourself a note book and create a gratitude Journal. A great book to help you start up a gratitude journal is The Gratitude Interactive Journal and Workbook by Adalia John I have a gratitude log which I complete again in the mornings, and and at the end of each day. When you express Gratitude for the little things in life, you will start to see and feel more blessings and gratitude come your way.
  5. Eat right, I make sure I eat lots of brain food such as fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts and grains. Reduce or totally cut out the levels of processed foods, salt and dairy.
    Here are some of the key vitamins that help with brain power and focus.
    • Vitamin C. | The Mood Booster. Found in: Peppers, Broccoli, Kiwi fruits, Citrus fruits, Tomatoes, Papaya.
      Vitamin B3. | The Focus Enhancer. …
      Vitamin B6. | The Dopamine Trigger. …
      Vitamin B12. | Memory Amplifier. …
      Omega 3 Fatty Acids. | Cognitive Performance Uplifters.
      I also take a all natural organic seed based nutritional supplement called RAIN SOUL and RAIN BEND to help balance my hormones and increase mental clarity and incorporates all of the above key vitamins.
    • I also include MCT oil and Coconut oil in my cooking and green smoothies. Drink lots of water, as most people under estimate the power of water.
  6. Take time for yourself, exercise or treat yourself. When we hold a lot of stress in our bodies, the effects of are astronomical.

So there you have it my tips to help you focus. If you have any other tips, it would be great to hear from you in the comments below.

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