6 Quick Tips to Make Your Vision Come Into Being

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20 years ago I was introduced to the Law of Attraction.  Prior to that, I learned I had been using elements of it subconsciously and without knowledge to achieve some of the things I wanted to do in life.

I remember making my plans for the year, never anything longer than that, as I only then thought of a year at a time.  Every time I made plans for myself I would achieve about 85% of them, even though I wrote them down and vaguely remembered referring to them during the year, but that very action of writing them down, imprinted the goals at a subconcious level on my brain.

I would wake up each morning and give thanks to God for being alive another day, as I was very aware that life is not to be taken for granted, and that each day we are here, we are here for a purpose.  I didn't think too much about purpose back then, just about achieving the goals I had set for myself for the year, without any thought on how they would be achieved.  That would just have to come later I guess.

Dream Home....

I encouraged my then 6 and 11 year old to make their yearly goals in December too.  Things they want to do, see have and become.  Just 4 simple goals for them was all that was needed to imprint the action of setting yearly goals for themselves.

They used to cut out pictures out of catalogues mainly toys, but also they wanted to set goals for achieving something like 'to read better' or 'to be better at grammar' was one I remembered.  Of course as the parent, you helped their goals and plans along where you could.  The 6 year old wanted to be able to cook a 3 course meal - needless to say this was achieved during that year.  But the important thing here is to write your goals and dreams down and share them.  Once you do that, then the magic happens.....


SO here are my quick tips to help bring those visions and dreams to you...

    1. Giving Gratitude - Every day find 3 things to be grateful for.  I am sure many of you can do this.  Especially when you feel you are having a bad day, look to the good things in your life.  Not only will this lift you out of negatively it will turn your day around in a positive way. Start a gratitude journal today and see how things will start to change for you.  Here is a recommended one I use  The Gratitude Interactive Journal And Workbook: 31 days to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for more happiness, joy, success and abundance
    2. Feeling Joy  - When you choose to feel joy there is no way you can feel any negativity.  Laugh at life, laugh at the little things...
    3. Setting your intentions daily - this helps to keep your focus and your feeling of getting things done.  I do this first thing in the mornings. 
    4. Affirmations - Speak life into your day and into your actions.  Affirmations need to be spoken as if they have already happened.  You have to really begin to believe the words you are speaking to yourself. Feel what it would be like as you speak them.  Try these Power Thought Cards  from Amazon
    5. Vision Boards / writing down your goals - I do both.  Having a Vision Board can help you achieve your goals faster.  If you put your vision board in a place where you can see it daily, spend 3 - 5 minutes visualising you have received / achieved everything on your vision board.  As you tick off each one, replace your vision board with another.  Here is a great vision board kit from Amazon that will help you put together your very first vision board.

  1. Plan for taking action - Nothing happens if you do not take action, so whilst it is good to have a goal, have a vision, you also need to take action to achieve them.  Sometimes, you may not have a clue, but then an opportunitiy turns up - the power of the law of attraction.

So What Next....

You can live the life of your dreams. why not put together some meaningful affirmations, plan for your future and begin to take action on it?

You were not brought into the world to be ordinary....

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