5 Steps To Create BALANCE in Your LIFE

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Every day is a new opportunity to balance changes in your life. Balance in all areas of our lives is essential for us to progress towards our goals and dreams. It is important in relationships and in areas of health and gives clarity, direction and focus when we are balanced.

How Do You Create Balance?

Creating BALANCE can be difficult to do if you are not sure where you need balance.
Doing these steps you will create balance in your life.
1. Be clear on what you do not want– body, mind & soul. I know this sounds weird, but when you know what you do not want in your life, for your life, then when it arises you see it immediately, and know to remove that from your life. Many of us know what we don't want, through past and maybe current experiences happening to us. So go ahead and write them down. If we have too much negativity in our life it creates stress and depression. Write down all the things that are in your head that is worying or is a negative in your life.

2. Be clear on what you want or desire – body, mind & soul. Take time to think about what you wnt for your health, your mind and your career or business in the future. I usually set aside half a day to do this part of the exercise. It will include:

  • looking back over the last year to see what things held me back
  • looking back on the things I did or did not manage to do, those I did not manage to do, I question why?
  • I review my goals and desires, is it STILL what I want? have my priorities changed?

3. Detox, release & clear out toxicity in your body and mind –

Detoxing the body helps to improve our immune system, digestion and energy. It also improves our motivation and inspiration when you have energy and your mind is celared of toxins you becme more creative. Our Gut is our second brain. If the body does not feels good, then the mind and soul will not feel good also. part of detoxing is not only getting rid of bad foods and bad habits but also get rid of toxic relationships, fear and lack.

Meditation helps to clear down the mind. Journalling helps to free up space taken in our mind by issues floating around in it. When the issues are on paper, we ca see them clearly and look t ways how to deal with them. There are some things that are not in our control and for those we cannot do much. We ca only work with those things that we can have an effect on. Music is a great way to release stress and fearful thoughts. If you are depressed or stressed, then professional support can help give you techniques to support you.

4. Balance, nourish & create that which serves you – body, mind & soul. It is important what foods you eat to help nourish the body. Fresh fruits and vegetables, organic where possibe is the ideal. If you eat meat, then reduce or eliminate red red and processed meat if possible as this has been found to cause inflammation and cholesterol. If you need more exercise, more flexibility, more balance in your life, then include time for these things.

5. Surrender & trust in the unfolding path of the Healthy Balanced You. Listen to your body, once you begin on the path of nature and balance, you will begin to be in tune with your body and what it needs, when it needs it. Whether it is a type of food, or meal, or water, or exercise or peace, meditation.

I hope these technques help with improve your life and overwhelm. I would love to hear from you and how you create BALANCE in your life. Go ahead and email me on colette.souldiva@gmail.com

Colette Dennis - The Soul Diva
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