3 Ways You Can Make Money Online

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So you are looking at ways you can earn an extra income online, or working from home part time?

Network Marketing, Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is a great business concept to help you achieve that.

If you have never had an online business before, or indeed are not aufait with the internet world of marketing, then starting out in online business can be quite daunting.



According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

A record 20.5 million people were involved in direct selling in the United States
in 2016, a 1.5% increase from the previous year. These people are affiliated with
direct selling companies, and are eligible to purchase products at a discount,
and resell them at a profit. They are also eligible to sponsor others to do the
5.3 million are building independent businesses as direct sellers,
meaning they are actively managing a customer base and possibly sponsoring
others to do the same. 800,000 of these people are full-time and 4.5 million
are part time.
In addition,15.2 million others receive a discount on products and services that they
personally enjoy and use. Estimated direct retail sales of
$35.54 billion in 2016 is the second most in direct selling history.

Three Ways You Can Make Money Online

There are three ways you can make money on the internet

1.selling products,

2.selling services

3.selling information.

Selling Products:

There is alot of products out there, so you should look at a number of things when consider this area.

Such as

  • What products would YOU be comfortable using / talking about? Note I have not mentioned the SELLING....
  • Are they consumables? How often will customers be re-ordering from you? *(Side note - With Consumables, they may have a limited geographical selling range, as legally you need to obtain agreement from individual countries to allow your consumables to be sold in those countries, this is something that can take months if not years to gain agreement. Some countries have strict controls over chemicals, and consumable products that enter their markets.)
  • Are you expected to 'store' products in your living room, or garage?
  • DO they have limited sell by dates?
  • Can you or your family use the products in your normal day to day and will it help save on shopping bills?
  • Are the products 'unique'

Selling Services

There are a lot of people now selling different types of services online, such as Coaching, personal training, virtual assistant services, financial services and more. This is a very niche market, and you may need qualifications and a required skill set

Selling Information?

If you don't want a products based or service based business, then look at 'information' based business. Training content, business content, technical content, you get the drift.

With the information business it may take time to create the content, but if you do this once you can then sell the information over and over.

What to consider

So where do you ultimately start? First always do your due diligence.

Don't try to find the 'best online business', or home business because there isn't any one in particular that anyone can recommend. Instead, go with what you would be happy to use, sell, or provide. If the home business connects with you, then look into it further.

Try not to sign up straight away, leave it for a day to mull over the information you have just gone through intensely. Go over it again, and if you have any questions or queries get in touch with the site owner for more detail.

If your home business has a product line, are they consumables, information, or services? Does the DSA (Direct Selling Association), or any other governing body govern them. This is a sign that they have to abide by certain business ethics. Look at the companies policies, ethics and if they have a head office, check out the head office ratings.

If you are struggling to make money online, you may want to look at some of the marketing strategies I use in my business.  Click on the Training link in the menu page above.


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