10 Tips To Help You Get Clearer Vision

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0 steps to Clarity

1. Create space.
Having a tidy environment helps your thinking.  Your mind has to process everything that crosses your field of vision. If your home or work environment is cluttered and messy, the mess and clutter results in brain fog. You can’t work effectively or live thoughtfully in chaos. Clear the clutter and you will clear your thinking and your mind.

2. Identify what is your focus
Part of gaining clarity is to have something to focus on.  To help you focus, knowing your WHY your reason for doing wht you do, or want to do, will help to keep you on track.  What is your passion, what are your dreams?  Ask yourself continually what is important to you, and you will eventually come to the reason that resonates with you, that makes you cry, or ache to fulfil your passion because not doing so will cause anguish and regret.  Having a strong why will keep you focused, NO MATTER WHAT!

3. Do one thing at a time.
Immerse yourself in the task at hand. It is all too easy to get distracted with your phone, radio TV etc.  If you want to plan your day, then just focus on doing that one thing, if you want to do the house work, do the housework, but don’t try to multi task as you will never get anything done, and just end up frustrated and possibly overwhelmed.

4. Get rid of  distractions.
You may be so used to the beeps and dings from your phone and flashing messages on your computer screen that you don’t know how distracting they are. It can take 15 minutes or more to recover from even a small distraction. Turn off notifications and if you can’t resist the pull of your devices, turn them off when you are doing other work. When you realize that most of your distractions are self-imposed, it’s easier to eliminate them.

5. Eat well.
Your Brain will not function if you are not eating properly.  Eating the right foods is important.  The more fresh fruits and vegetables you eat the more nutrients your body will receive to function and repair itself.  Fuel is important so look at what you are putting into your body.  Eliminate sugar and process foods, and reduce caffeine. 

6. Be Still.
Set aside a few minutes to ‘be still’ or get quiet and/or meditate every day from as little as 5-10 minutes  is enough to remove mental chatter and internal distractions. Choose a quiet space, close your eyes and just breathe…. Listen to the quiet around you.  If you can go to a park then listening to the birds chatter and bees humming is relaxing.

7. Write to get clear.
Write for a few minutes every morning. If you are experiencing great clarity, write it down. If you can’t get clear, write that down too. Sometimes you can write out the distraction and get down to clarity.

8. Take a Leap of Faith
You don’t know what you don’t know. If you want clarity about the foods that best fuel you, the habits that improve your life, or the work you want to do, experiment. Learn through experience and experiments.

10. Challenge yourself – never say never
What if our nevers are what we want most, but because we don’t want to be hurt, or fail or expose ourselves to disappointment, we keep them in the never file? As soon as you think, “I could never do that” or “I could never go without”  They are usually exactly what you need for absolute clarity.

Simplicity comes with amazing benefits and absolute clarity is at the top of the list. With clarity you know what your body needs, and what your heart wants, and the how will be derived when you are clear. 

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