10 Small Steps to Improve Your Health

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Many of us make health-related resolutions, such as to lose weight, stop smoking or join the neighborhood health club. While it is common to set high goals, experts say that setting smaller goals could do more for our health. "Small steps are achievable and are easier to t into your daily routine," says James O. Hill, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

"They are less overwhelming than a big, sudden change."

Here are 10 simple small steps you can try today:

1. Keep an eye on your weight and work on making sure you are not gaining extra lbs. Even if you gain just a pound or two every year, the extra weight adds up quickly.

2. Take more small steps. Use a pedometer to count your daily steps; then add 2,000, the equivalent of one extra mile. Keep adding steps, 1,000 to 2,000 each month or so, until you take 10,000 steps on most days. There are so many smart trackers that are inexpensive to buy and will help you focus on increasing your steps. On some smart phones they come with HEALTH features that can support a pedometer.

3. Eat breakfast. Breakfast eaters tend to weigh less and have better diets overall. For a fklling and nutrition-packed breakfast, include protein into your meal, eggs, fish or meat or tofu along with fresh fruit slices and low-fat or fat-free milk.

4. Add Fibre to your diet. Wholemeal products can support this, so too can vegetables or fruit with skin on them. Most people do not eat enough fibre. Fibre will help to reduct fat in the body.

5. Have at least one green salad every day. Eating a salad (with low-fat or fat-free dressing) with protein of some choice is filling and may help you eat less during the meal. It also counts toward your ve daily cups of vegetables and fruits.

6. Trim the fat. Fat has a lot of calories, and calories count. Your body struggles to burn fat calories, it is also higher than protein and carbs calorificly. Purchase lean meats, eat poultry without the skin, switch to lower-fat cheeses, use a nonstick pan with only a dab of oil, or butter, even better an air fryer,

7. Consider calcium by including two or three daily servings of low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt. Dairy calcium is good for bones alhtough many of us de elop a tolerance to lactose as we age. Try dark green vegetables, spinach and broccoli has lots of calcium.

8. Downsize. The smaller the bag, bottle or bowl, the less you will eat. A critical part of improving your health is portion control. So reduce your plate will help to reduce your portion size.

9. Lose just 5 to 10 percent of your current weight. The health benets are huge- lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

10. Keep track of your eating. Write down what you eat over the next couple of days and look for problem spots. Often, just writing things down can help you eat less. A great tracking too to help you do this is MYFITNESS PAL which you can download from your APP store.

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Colette Dennis, ICCT, SAC DIPL Diet & Nutrition, is a qualified Nutritionist and Life & Wellness Coach who has supported her clients in their health journey over the past 15 years. She has partnered with a Company who are innovators in the Natural Seed Based market. You can find more information about them in the ABOUT section in the Blog.

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