10 Benefits of Regular Exercise By Mary Ponce

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We should all have a regular physical exercise regime, even if it is only half an hour each day for an energetic walk. The benefits of frequent exercise are enormous, these are ten real advantages that can be derived from physical activity.

1. Increasing your metabolic rate.

This is particularly helpful to people who want to lose weight. Your metabolic rate is the one at which your body burn off calories and therefore fat when it is at rest. Regular exercise increases your metabolic rate and it helps to increase weight loss.

2. Improves cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio as it is often referred to, is the exercise that works the heart and lungs. Regular exercise includes such things as: swimming and cycling. These exercises can also be described as aerobic. They exercise the heart and lungs making them much stronger and healthier organs.

3. Stronger bones.

Regular weight bearing aerobic exercises such as: walking, jogging, aerobics classes, and dancing. All help to strengthen your bones.

4. Healthier skin.

Because cardiovascular exercise raises your heartbeat and gets your lungs working harder, this improves your circulation. Which in turn leads to an improved supply of essential nutrients to your skin, helping to detox your body and promoting healthy skin. Exercise also delivers more oxygen to the skin which helps it to fill out and promotes a healthier skin color.

5. Reduces stress.

The stress is caused by the presence of certain hormones in the bloodstream. Regular physical exercise helps to remove these hormones consequently reducing the levels of stress.

6. Improves mood.

Mood swings are governed by hormones called endorphins that are found in the brain. When our endorphin levels are low, we experience feelings of depression. It is proven that exercise increases endorphin levels thereby helping to reduce or alleviate feelings of depression. A survey has revealed that people who perform regular exercise are as much as 50% less prone to depression than people who do not exercise. It is also known that work outs promotes the production of the serotonin. Serotonin has been associated with calmness, therefore creates feelings of increased calmness.

7. Increased brainpower.

The brain, through its ability to stimulate increased blood flow, also facilitates a healthier and more active brain with exercise.

8. Improved immune system.

Regular physical exercise has also been linked with beefing up the immune system so that simple infections such and colds and flu are contracted less often.

9. Keeps you looking more youthful.

As mentioned earlier, habitual exercise also increases the blood supply and aids circulation. This helps to reduce the amount of fine wrinkles. This weight loss will also maintain you to looking and feeling younger.

10. A more flexible body.

If we do not exercise our joints and muscles tend to seize up. Regular exercise helps to keep our bodies more fluid, which facilitates our body's agility and mobility.

It can clearly be seen just how good and also how important regular physical exercise is for us. It not only keeps us fit, but it helps us to lose weight, it improves our mood. It also prolongs our life by promoting a strong healthy heart and it allow us to look and feel younger too.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mary_Ponce

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